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Name: "King" Biff Kilzer

Favorite game: MM4, probably MM10 when it comes out

Aliases: Bombman, Magnetman, General Cutman, Big Boss, Bean Bandit, Cactus Jack, Saint Kassidy, CM Rich, What is Project ANEW?, Boomer Kuwanger, Cutman.EXE, Magnetman Eigen

Favorite Food: Hamburgers, probably

Favorite Movie: Hmm, either John Carpenter's The Thing, or Stallone's Cobra.

What else does he like? Guns, knives, weapons, cars, politics, Metal Gear


Commandoman: Biff was an orphan who was eventually taken in by the CIA. Raised to be a bloodthirsty killing machine since his pre-teens, Biff has no happy childhood memories, and his only memories consist of the shadiest of wetworks conducted on behalf of the US Government.


Now, in his mid-20s, Biff has escaped his life as a CIA assassin, and has joined Heaven's HAAMMMMAARRRR in order to avenge his lost childhood, find out who his real parents are, and gain revenge on the government that crafted him into the perfect killing machine.


He also enjoys bowling.