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NAme: Snaketooth

Name: Nitroman

Sex: Yes pleease I meen male

Fav game: Megeman 10

fav movie: Space thunderkids

Origin: Snake-Tooth originally cam efrom anoether dimenshin where snakes ruled the wolrd and evrything was at pease bu unfortunatelly the drayguns did not like thata nd wantid too ursurp power from teh snakse si snaketooth farther fights off de dragons but faild but as a last ackt of kindniss he turned his son in too a snake adn sent hsi son to anothyer dimenshin where he showd up at Heavens HAMMMMMMAAAAARRRRRRs base and became the neu nitroman!

theame song: Anmimal i have becum

abilitie: he can drive in motorcycle and use karate and can constrickt enemeis wit h snakenaess and poisin hsi enemies and he can shoot lazers frum his eyes nd can crow spikes on his wheelas when running enemes oveer

age: 16

grade: 5

quoot: never trouble trouble til trouble troubles you

fun fackts: -Skanetooth likes toplay b-ball wiht his homies

-he is very cool and acts cool talks cool & likees to smocke he will blowe smocke in ppls fase if thehy don like it

-he hates dragins