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Name: Emma "pandora7777" Daycomet

Age: 15

Sex: not with you, im taken. >=)

Fav movie: Twilight (GO TEAM EDWARD!! <333)

I also like DBZ and Trunks ^_- now if only he was a vampire....

Quote: "Prepare to face defeat by my bleat! Baaaaaaaa~"

Favorite animal: pony, I choose sheep babe cause she (Yes, I am a girl, so my character is a girl too! got it?^^) is the closet thing the game has to a pony...

Eye color: purple

Hair color :also purple!

height: 5'2

weight: NOE OF YOUR BISNESS> hehehehe.

political affiliateion: Tea Party Party

fav food: I like candy. butterfingers or kitkats are good :3 OOH! And reese's!

fav band: hannah montana

Emma was a an apprintice witch raised in her home buy family of her uncle and his four cats Nina, Santamaria and Bob. She lived a closed up life learning magics until a love vampire from another dimentions named Edward Trunks sucked her blood, turning her into Sheep Babe

since then she made it her lifes work to find Edward trunks, and her travels took her to the megaman universe where she joins Heaven's HAAAAAMMMMMAAAAAAARRRR.

she is a queite shy person, but very loving all the same and a great teammate. As the team pet, she pends her spare time in the Pyramid base making potions with her wool that controls the weather; she is assisted by five stardroid metools.