Hi, and welcome to the Megman 10 Team, Heaven's HAAMMMMAARRRR!!!

Please excuse the mess, we're still getting started :)


Update number 7!  Yeeha! We're still plain MM10 over here, but you can read some of our new eps! Snacktooth has the first part of a two part epilogue up an ready! ch-ch-check it out!


Also were going through sum changes here, so be sure to keep tuned in her to see whos doing wut



And its awesome! and hard!!


To cellabrate, we have a HUGE update! Three, THREE eps, and pandora's funny sprit comics, curtesy of our own forum! Check em yo!


and if were slow getting back to you, were to busy playin MEGAMAN 10!!! YAAHH!

 Update numbro 5! Hi all! Today, w ehave a HUUUUGE update for all of you!

We have changed or name to Aggrivated Assalt because pandora didn't like the old name anymore, so we changedit. Hope you all alike it!


but wait, theres more!!! We have more epilogues! Bladman wrote a tribute to all of the Megaman Teams with epologoie 4, many of the team wrote an ep called "the end of PROWL" witch tells how Prowlman got booted from the team, and pandora wrote astory that shows how thngs wuld have been if the AA had been in Commandoeman's Business of war story!


*Wheh*! we need a brake after that one! But we're not gonna stop just yet!! Staye tuned, fans!

Update number 4! we have two new epligues for our adoring fans! take a look!

 U[date numer 3- well, we had some trouble today, so prowl ended up being a dickhed and quitting, so we have a new Nitroman to take his lace! Please welsome Snake-tooth to the team! Yay!


not only that, but we have not one, but TWO, count them, TWo new epilogues! Awesome! these are by Roo Moo and pandora


AAANNDDDD were working on a super secret project! Shh! can't tell you wat it is yet!

Update Number Two- Roomoo has written an even Better first epiloge! Loook!

Update number 1 Our first Ep is up! Have a look!