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Name: RageofBladez!

Age: Old enough to knoe better!

Sex: Blade "Man", not Blade "Babe"!

Likes: MEGAMAN 10!!!!!

Dislikes: Homework, school, Twilight, people who criticize me.

- Blademan had three swords and they are all special.

- Blademan is part Shinigami and part Sith! One of Blademan`s swords is a Zampakto and the other is a light sabver (the Sithkind, not the Jedi kind) and the other is a special one made of space metal!

- You do not want to get Blademan mad!

- Since Blademan ahs three swords he has no weak points. Like Zollo!

- Blademan was once the PC Blademan but was changed and now he's insane and he hates everyone and wants to kill everyone with his three swords!

- Blademan might hate everyone but he likes his tammates and will kill anyone who threatens them!

"He who fights with a man with three sowrds is a fool because a man with three swords has no weak spots!"