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Return of Roboenza!!!!

One day the Heaven's Hammmmmmaarzzz were watching their TV when they saw the news!

TV: All the megaman teams are going crazy! The city is being destroyed!

All: WTF!?!?!?

Commandoman: It must be the Roboenza virus agaiN! She's making all the robots go crazy just like last time!!

Punpman: I thought that was Wily!?

CVommandoman: Yes but it was also robotwnza!

Pumpman: Oh i see!

Glademan: what can we do to stop this!?

Solarman: We have to fight All the megaman teams!

Sheepman: All of them!? Oh noooooo! There's so manY!!!!

Blademan; That is true but what we lack in oldness we make up for in passion!!


The Heaven's hammmmmaaaarz teleport out of their quote pyramys and into battle!

Solarman: Look it's the Wily's warriors!

Quickman: It's the Heaven's hammarzxa!!!! Jpoin us, brothers, and we will take over the world!

Blademan: NEVER!

Blasdeman kills Quickman and then kills the rest of the Wilys warripors!

Blademan: *whew* 8 down ten million to go!

Commandoman: amazing! He killed all of the Wilys Warriors! He's so powerfull!

Shadowman; But you will never kill us!

Commandoman: OH NO! It's my firends the Mechanical Maniacs!

Snakeman: yeah!

Blademan: They are your friends!?

Commandoman: I am also magnetman and yes they are my friends!

Blademan; but for the sake fo the world even they must be killed! And for the pain they caused me as PC Blademan they must nbe killed too!!!! BANKAI!!!!!

Blademan goes Bankai and slaughters the Mechanical Maniacs!

Commandoman: Nooooo!!!! I;'ll miss my old friends but I'm glad I have my new frinds!

Pharoman: You can never kill all of us!!!!

Strikeman: OH NO!!!! It's now my friedns!!! Stay back or Blademan will kill you! I am also Toadman!!!!!

Diveman: No we will kill him first!

Blademan uses his shinigami powers to kill Cossack's comerades.

Blademan: I'm sorry to kill such a good team but i had to.

Stoneman: But you will not kill us! STONE POWER!

Stoneman's stone power hjits Blademan but he blocks it with his Sith powers and then crushes stone,man. Blademan then sees the rest of the Acendednt Androids and killls them all with a mighty swing of his sword!


Blademan; I'm getting tired!

Sheepman; Hang on blademan! You can do it!

Planetman: No, you can't do it i'm going to kill you first!

Strieman: No! I cannot stand to see more of my friends diee!!!!!! I am also Blizzardman on this team please don't kill it!!!!!!!!

Commandoman: But for justice they must die.

Strikeman: u r rite!

Blademan: I am sorry my fellow teammates, but all of you are contelloed. This is the only way. SITH ATTACK!!!!!!

With his lightsager sword blademan chops up the Armoed Assasins into bits.

Blademan: No! I'm running low on evergy!!!!!!!!!

BurstmanL: But there's still more of us! Drastic Measures kill Blademan!!!!!!!!!!!

The Drastic easures overwealm blademan and blademan falls!

Sheep babe: Blademan!!!!!!!

Strikeman: Oh no, what can we do now!?

Commandoman: We have to finish what Blademan started! His sacrifice will not be in vain!!!! COMMANDO ATTACK!!!!!!!

Strikeman: STRIKE ATTACK!!!!!!

The Drastic Measures are destroyed.

Blademan: Nooooo! I must finih this fight!

Commandoman: Stay back you have done enough now it is our turn to finish this fight!

Astroman: No now you all die!!!!! Deep Imact says DIEE!!!!

The Deep impace take out strikeman and commandoman but shjeep babe and pumpman kill them all!

Pumpman: PUMP ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!! Oh man they just keep on coming!

Astroman: And we're not done yet!

Pumpman: What!? Another Astroman!? But we killed you!!!!

Astroman: No you killed Deep Impact's astroman but I am the tekno tyrant Astroman!!!!!

pumpman: o i c!!!!!!

ColamN: Now die!!!!!

Pumpman: NO!!!!! PUMP ATTAC!!!!!!!

Solarman: No, Pumpman!!!! Donb't take them all on by yourswlf@!!!!!

Pumpman: But i must!!!! goodbye!!!11

Solarman: PUMPMAN!!!!!!

Pumpman dies dfighting Teknolojical Tyrantas!

Solarman; There can't be more!

Splash Woman: Oh but there can!

Solarman: It's the Caos Crusadwers!!!!!!!

Concreteman: Now it's time to die!!!!!

Solarman: If I die I'm taking you all with me!!!!!!!!

Torbadoman: NO! You can;'t be willing to sacrifice yourself!!!!!

Solarman: i Am a true hero!!!! SOLAR ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Caos Crusaders die and so does Solarman!!!1

Nitroman; It looks like there's just three of u slet!

Strikeman: And Blademan is still recovering!

Blademan: Everyone else is dead!

Quint: An dnow it's time for you to die too!

Busterrod G: YOu could never hope to defeat all fo us!!!!!!!!!!

Strikeman: My friends on my other teams are all dead so i'll jon them!

Blademan: No strikeman don't!!!

Strikeman; I have to!

Blademan; Okay then!

STRIKE ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Strikeman's powerful strike attack kills the severn mercenaries bit there's still atum imperium!

Terra: Astun Imperium will kill all of you!!!!!!!!!

Nitroman: But I thought you were Hevenly Bodies!!!!

Tera: We used to be but we changed out names!

Nitroman: That is stupid! We will never change our names!

Terra: YOU are stupid!!! TERRA BLAST!!!!!!!!!

Nitroman: Now it's my turn!!!!!!!!!

Blademan: Noitroman!!!!!!!11

Nitroman absorbs the balst and then redirects it back to the Astun Imperiwn and it kills then but Nirtro also dies!!!!

Blademan: There.. They're all dead now!!!!

Torchman: Not all dead!!!!!

Blademan: My old team!!!!!! the Beta Unkown!!!!!!!!! You leaft me for scrap!!!! And then made your own blademan!!!!!!

Blademan: Yes i am rite here and ti look like you cannot morve!!!!!

Blademan: NOOOOO!!!!!!

Blademan: It seems that i am the true blademan and you are the impostor!!!! Your threewe swords means nothing after alll{!!!!!!

Blademan: NO!!!!! I can still fight11!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blademan gets up and the PC team is shocked!!!!!!

Blademan: How can you get up afetr do many injuries!?

Bladweman: Cuz I'm just hat good!!!!!!! THREEEE SWORD BLSDEMAN ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!1111

Bladwemna uses all three of his swords to sluice up hios old team and kills them all!!!!

BlademanL: Now it is over!!!!

???: No it is not over!!

Blademan: INFLUENZA VIRSU!!!!!!!

Roboenza: Yes it is me!!!!! I wanted to see who was the best robot master and it is you blademan!!!!!!!! Now i will take over ur body and become invoincoible!!!!!!!!

Blademan! No, you won't!!!! MY friends lent me their pwoer before they dieds and now i will charge all that power into my Sith lightsaber Arm!!!!!!

Roboenza: SO much power!!!!!!

ZBlademan's lightsaber arm morphs into a gigantic hammer sicne all his teammates energy is flowing into it!


With a mighty blow blademan kills ERoboenza!!!!!!

Blademan; Robotenza id deas but i think she survived. She';l be back.

Blademan then repaired everyone.

Shadowman: Blademan you saved everyone. you have earned my respect.

Blademan: thank you. Now i will no longer seek revenge against you.

Torchman: Sorry for replaceing you.

Blademan: It's okay.

Sheep babe: It looks like we're the sterongest team of them all!!!!!

Commandoman: This battle proved it!!!!

Blademan: Yes we are the steongest, but allt he other teams are our inspiration so they are all strong too.

The End.