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One day during the war general cutman finally captured the Blademan fromt he Snister Six.

Blademan: What are you gonna do to me?

General Cutman: I'm gonna make you into a super fighting machine Blademan! The ultimate fighting machine!

Blademan: but why me!?

General Cutman: Because you have so much potential, Blademan! I'm going to unleash that potential and make you awsome! And always under my control! HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAQHZHAHAAHAHAHAH!

*Blademan screAms as General Cutman cuts off his head and his hands and them replaced them with three different swords: a Zampakto, a light saber, and a mysterious sword made of space metal from a meteor general Cutman had gotten. But then the PC team got there and fought General Cutman.

General Cutman: It's too late, he's dead now!

Torchman: it looks like he's dead but that;s okay because we can build a new one!

*Measnwhile General Cutman has gotten away while the Suinister Six was distracted*

General Cutman: I'll come abck and finish my Blademan later on and then he'll help me win the war! HAHahAHhHahaahahahHHahzahahahAHAAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHSH!!11!!!

Blademan: (thinking) NooooooO! Come back! I'm still alive! OIh, my friends have abandoned me! I hate them! one day I'll kill them all!

*But General Cutman was defeated before he could finish Blademan and Blademan just klay there in not-done peices until one day Dr. Wily came around and found him/

Wily: Look at this I found Blademan! But he looks stronger! This must be the last of General Cutman's Scissor Army super robotys that he made! I think I can use him to defeat megaman!

Bass: But helooks too powerful! One of his swords is a Zampakto! Thjat means he's part shinigami!

Wily: Silence, fool! I'll use Blademan as part of my brand new forces to destroy Mega man!

*So Wily took Blaeman back to Skull Castle and fixed him. Immediately he set him afetr Megaman but Blademan and the other team members lost./ Wily was talking to them all afetr it happened*

Wily: You lost! You're losers!

Blademan: No .... it's you who are the loser! And now that I'm rebuilt I can take revenge against everyone whoever wronged me! Including you, Wily!

*Blademan sliced Wily but it turned out to be only a robot.*

Blade,man: Damnit, Wily got away! I have to kill him for making me fight Megaman!

SheepBabe: But what about Megaman!?

Blademan: I have to kill Megaman too becAuse he beat meand I am supposed to be the strongest robot ever made! And I have to find General Cutman and kill him because he changed me into this thing! And then i have to kill the other PC guys for abandoning me! And then I haveto kill the Mechanical maniacs! And then I have to kill the other robot masters! I have to kill everyone!

Nitroman: It looks liek all those years as parts made Blademan insane!

Blademan: I have super awsome skills and three swords. With them I have no weak points and no safe spots! Only my burning insanity is my only weakness!

Solarman: I think we have to keep Blademan happy or he'll kill us too!

*Blademan kills Solarman*

Blademan: Yeah you're right I will kill you too!

Nitroman: You killed Solarman!

Commandoman: You bastard!

Blademan; Hahahahahahahahahahahaahahahhaahzahahahahahahahahahaahahahha!

not The End

The Beginning!