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Name: Roo Mother Fuckin' Moo

Age: 20

Alias: Roomoo, Badass mofo, gangsta roomoo, big ass mother fuckers aka BAMF.

favorite movies: robowar


backstory: roomoo was a badass mofo who came from another dimension but a mysterious villain destroyed it and roomoo somehow found his way to this dimension, his friends also survive the explosion of the dimension so they found their way here too, they go by the names roogus, roogma, and roopha repmoo. roomoo has a bunch of weapons including 99 types of just about every kind of weapons all stored in his little warehouse near the mm10 team's base. he oesnt use it til he needs it as a last resort, hes also not really a marty stu as much as it may seem but you better not call him one unless you have to have a knife shoved up ur ahole!!!!!!!!

he also has a msyterious past that may connect to the villain that destroyed his dimension watch as it will fold in his upcoming eps!!!!!