Day of the snake 1: dragons rain

Bye snaketooth

(AUTHUORS NOTE!: goods news everywon! we have a new team name!!! too cellebrate i have made an ep consitsing of TWO PARTS! injoy!)

*I twas a peaseful day at the quota pyramid*

Solarmam: today is a beutiful day of rage! *happy stabs*

Sheepabe: owch but you hav a point!

Snaketooth: ya their has beene no attack from any dragins mabye they are cpwards!

*they all laugh*

Commandoman: jhaahahahahhahahahaha but seriously guys we have to prepare their si not elling if there will be new enemies trying to pick us off for th plucking!!!

Strikeman: you are right

*suddenely a portil opened and out came MASTER DRAGON!!!*

Nitromna: oh no I thought we beated you!

Maser Dragon: not anymore I found a way to your demension with EASE!

*gasps all round*

Nitroman: we will beet you like we did b4!

Master Dragon: but can you go up against…YOU’RE FATHER???

Nitroman: oh no you are right I can not!!!!

Commandoman: yu have to let go snaketoot he is not the man you once new!

Snakeooth: you are rite we have ti rise and beat are adversary I must let go of the past FOR THE FUTUR!!!

Blademan: AGGREVATED ASSALT!!!! man its not the same

Master Dragon: but before you dare attak me I BROUGHT MY ARMY NOW HAHAHAHAAHHAAHAHA!

*soon meny dragon forces come out of portals too

Nitroman: uh uh this wil be tough

Commandoman: we can do it! *blapst dargons*

Stirkman: *trows baseballs at dragons*

Nitroman: *wheels grows spikes and run over dragons*

Solarman: *uses super nova plast (or whatever his main attack in MM10 is to destroy dragons*

Pumpman: *water blast at dragons*

Sheepman: *electric wole at dragons*

Bkademan: *three sword slices at dragons*

Commandoman: few we all did it hood job team!!!

Master Dragon: *claps* very good I am impressed u may have one the battle but the war is not over yet now u must face ME!! RAH!!! *spreds wings and fire breathe*

Nitorman: guyse this must b my battle and my battle a loan hope yu can understand

Cmandoman: I understand this is a fihte between father and son

Nitroman: thankS for understanding *psycic barrier gose around Snaketooth & Master Dragon* FATHER TO DAY WE FINISH THIS!!!! HIYA!!!!!!!!!

Master dragon *hit in face by nitroman kcik* owch *claws at snakeooth*

Snaketooth: yeow!

So snaketooth uses karate moves on master dagon

Master Drawgon: hahaha I am so great and u r pathetic! *uses wings to blow a gust of wind to snaketooth*

Snaketooth: *propels backwards toward barrir* aaaaaaaa

Master Dragon: *grabs Nitroamn* now too end you!!! *breaths fire at snaketooth and whacks him with his tail causing damage!*

Nitroman: ARGH!!! You are powerful but I will dafeet you!!!

Master Dragon: hahaha know you wonnt cause you are a punny little morsel while I am immortal!

Snaketooth: *tries too constrict & poison master dragon but the scales are too thick

Master Dragon: hahaha you are so weak I will defeet you now! *nerly stomps on nitroman*

Nitroman: I geuss this is the edn *closes eyes but when he opens them MASTER DRAGON IS CHOKIN HIMSELF!!!*

Master Dragon: Son I am sorry I did this to u I have barly any controle over my body you msut strike with grate vengeance while you have the chance while I am awakened quikly befour the evil side regains concousness

Nitroman: *crie* ok dad *shoots lazers from eyes at Master Dragons chest*

Master Dragon: *collapses* thank u son but I must warn you that Master Dragon is no longer the leadur of the dragones!!!

Smaketooth: HES NT???

Master Dragon: no he has worked for a more powerful force this entire time he is and evan bigger draggon! and his name is-

Snaketoot: NAME S WHAT???

Master Drtagon: *reawakens* nah how did I get this way??? Pah it dose not matter I cannot die but I must retreat now for my master is clalling me!

*so Master Dragon openes a portil towards his dimenshin and gose in it*

So the barrier disapeerd

Nitroman: we must go in there to stop the true leadero f dragons!

Commando: ok lewts goh!

Strikeman: goytcha!

Solarman: THIS IS MAKEN ME SO MAD! *stabs portil* ROOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Sneepbabe: mabye I will finally find Edwards trunks in the dimenshin!


Sheebpape: but hes my bishie ^________^

Solarman: *sihg* can we juss go in the dimenshin and get tis over with already???

Nitroman: shure

*so they went threw the poral and saw master dragon flying over theme so they fallowed him but then were blocked away by ANOTHER DRAGON!**

Black Raider Metal Dragon: What are you fuoolish outsiders doing here I am Black Raider Metal Dragon:and I am guardin theh true master od dragons YOU WILL NOT MAKE IT PAST ME!!!!!

Comandoman: we will hav to try ready team?

Bladmena: READY! TRI SALSH ATTACK! *slice triple*

Blakc Raider Metal Dragon: *uses magnets on self to stick blakdeman to self* hahahah

Blademan: oh no I cannot moVE!!!

Black Raider metal dragon: no you cannot hahaha

Commandoman: HRRRRR *blast at metal dragn back*

Black Raider meal dragon: *shoots a red spiky beem that destroys the blats and hit commandoman:

Cmmandman: OWCH! *fallsdown*

Black rader metal dragon: hahah I am great guard you can-not get bast me!

Solarman: well see abot that ROOOOOOOO! *stab metal dragon*

Black raifer metal dagon: *stabs roomoo with claws and spike and teeth*


Vlack Raider metal dragon: who is nect?

Stirkeman: I AM! *trows many baseballs*

Black raider metal dragon: *they all bounse off * ha ha ha ha ha ha ha dont even think you can get past me!!! *shoots starke man with a hug cannon in chest*

Stirkeman: OW! *collapse*

Black Metal Raider Dragon: none of you can win yesssss

Nitroman: *fires lazers from eye*

BRMD: *they defleckt off him and hit nitroman dealing 2x damage*

Nitroman: no if I can not wim no one can! *falls dwn to nees in dafeet*

Pu mpman: not so faste!

Black Rader Metal Draogn: ha ha ha you are a punny littel fart!

Pumpman: FART ON THIS! *fires water at black dragon*

Black Raider Medal Dragon: ha ha ha that is all you are more pathetic than the rest of these unworthy dimenshin dwellin wierdos

Pumpman: don’t be so shure!

Metal Raider black dragon: hunh?

*suddenly the water on Black Raider Metal Dragon causes him too rust*

Black Raider Metal Dragon: my emperor ive faild you!!!!!!!!!!! *rusts completely*

Commnaoman: good job oumpman!

Pmupman: thanx!


Pumpman: stop it u meanie!

Shepbabe: cannt we all just get alonge??

Nitroman: no tim for that we msut fallow master dragon


Commandoman: ok lets continu

So they fallow master dragon to THE REEL DRAGON LEEDER

Master dragon: *bows to real dagon leader* master I am sorri that I haven’t killd the last of the snakes vut my lesser half took over for a sec if u give me anoter chance then I will kill the final snakes SO WE MAY RULE!!!

Soon a huge grey hydra emerged from the shados

Twin Headed Third Dragon: u have failed me former master I do not nead u anymore ur fired1


Twin Headed third dragon: yes *breathes fire from three heads at master dragon*

Master dragon: I wownt be beeten like this! *flies away*

Win ehaded third dragon: ha ha ha ha what a weakling and u must be snaketooth *loks at nitroman* ive been expecting you!


Twin Headed third dragon: so you may hav gotten past my gaurd BUJT HE WAS WEAK COMPARED TO ME NOW FACE TRUE POWER! *three heads roar*

Commandoman: well see abot that AGGREVATED ASSALT ATTAKC!

So they aggreviAte and assault him just as the name says but it has NO AFFECT!~

Twin Headed third dragon: your efforts are futil *launches ligtning form wings and all ar hit*

All: OW!

Twin Heded 3rd dragon: THAT IS A BEGINNING! *chomp on solarman on sheep babe*


Beebshape: YES!! *electricity*

Solarman: *big nova attack*

Third Headed Twin Dragon: *spites them out* pah u both is rotten!

Bladman: three heds meen 3 DECAPITATIONS!! *uses three blades in an attempt too cut three heads but it is only cut slightly*

Twim Headed Third Dragon: well your a fool *stomps blademan*

Commandoman: NO!! YOULL PAY!

Twin Headed Third Dragon: ha ha ha *throws rocks at commandoman*

Cmmandoman: AH! *buried unser rocks*

Nitorman: NO! *constricks twin headed dragon head*

Twin Headed thied dragon: *constrics back until he strangles life outta him*

Snaketooth: ahhhhhh *falls to ground* I must do somthing!!! I will not died!!!!

Solarman: HAAAAAAAAAAAA! *dropes dead*

Twin Headed third dragon: ha ha ha the snakes freinds our droping like files!

Pumpman: *fire and water out of my hands*

Twin Headed third draon: oh please *trows pumpman to A moon not THE moon cuse theyre not in the solar system theyre in the snake dimenshinn*

Twin Headed Third dragon: none of yuo can win!


Solarman: wow wat a bummer

Sheepbabe: waht a shame

Nitroman: what a GEEK

Blademan: totaly

Twin Haeded Third Dragon: now you will all die *fires energy balst atstrikeman*


Nitroman: *gets up* urg I may hafe a plan!

Blademna: lets heer it!

Nitroman: we-

Twin headed third dragon: muahahahahahahahahhahahhhaahhahhahhhahhhahhahahahahahaahaahahhahah *picks up all teh team with claws and heads* you wer all unworthy & foolish to go up against A DRAGON GOD now u must pay the ultament price today is the day were you all die now TASTE MY WRATH!!!

Will are heros escape? tune in to the next exiting part “Day of the snake 2: SLITHERING SHOWDOWN coming soon!