Anrold Swarzeneggar appears in the base

Commandoman: Holy shit, it's Ahnold!

Arnold: No U, Im the T101, im a cybernetci lifefrom. living flesh sruounding a metal enoskeleton.

Stirkman: Why are you here?

Ranold: Because John Connor has sent me to inform you from the futuer, birdman.

Strikman: (ruffles feathers) I resent that joke!

Arnlod: Neverrtheless, Connor has sent me to tell you all that your game willl not be relased.


Blademan: Nooooooooooooooo!!!1

Shempbabe: How?

Arnldo: There were several delays over the devlopmtn process, and when people stopped caring about the relase date, the game was eventually scrapped.

Starkman: You mean?

Arnold: Yes, you're game has been... terminated.

Blademan: Noooooooooooooo!!!11!!

Roomoo: Shut the fuck up!


Arnold: Good, because I just invented a time machine usinng blueprints I mermorized from Back to the Future. Come with me if yyou want to lvie.

EVERYONE: Alright!

They travel to the future and go to a local gamestop.

Arnold: You see, there are no MM10 games.

Strikeman: But wasn't it supposed to be a downloadablea game?

Arnold: Yes, but that's beside the spoint.

Commandoamn: And isn't it pointless to bring us into the futute where the game hasn't been released and we can't do anything about it?

Anrold: I was sent back in time shortly after Skynet became jaware of this situation, and as a result tehre was no plan. Jsut whwat I have written on this napkin in red crayon.

Napkin: MM10 must be made. ~Skynet

Sheepbadbn: Wait, can't we just make the game based off us instead of wait for the game to be released?

Hugo Weaving: The machines would not approve, Ms. Babe. That's agaisnt the rules.

Arnold: But we have no time for rules.

Hugo: Then go back intime and make room for the rules...

Bill Nye: Excellent idea!

Strikeman: You and me, Bill! Tennis! Right now!

Bill Nye: Why?

Strikeman : Because its more frantastical!

Strikeman and Bill nye have3 an epic tennis match, but in the end Strikmean spears the ball with his lance of skewereing

Strikman: I win!

Bill nye NO! (commits ritual sepuku)

Blademan: Now we canz go bak!

Back at Captom building

Comando: You need to make MM10

Capcom: But we don't want to.

Blademan: Believe in yourself!

Capcom: I never thought of it that way.. I can make the game now!


End or is it?

Hugo: I am really the capcom exec. Haha.