Gila Gladisators

Darstic Measurs


Locations: Texas

Cosasck Scarp Value: 34957

SA infants: 3243

RPD usint: 3042

Wilt Bots: 2308

(authors note: I don't know what these numbers are for but all the other war storsy have them. Can someine help me? ^^)

One day the gila Galdiators were patroling the streets of texas. "we must defeat the drastic measurs" said Wave girl. "OK" said sonic girl. "They are this way" said blade man, who was a difrent blade man from the one on Haeaven's HAAAMMMMMAAAAARA.

So they folowed there leader, blade man, until they came to a trench. "lets look down here" siad Oil Man. "no it is to dangerous, i'll go," said Blademan, "wait for me here." So he went down into a trench, arming his swrord. It was very dark. "i can't see" he said. But then there was a bright falsh of light that made him go bilnd! "AH!" he said.

It turns out the bright falsh was from the time machine, and heaven's HAAAAAMMMMMAR came out! "wecame back in time to stop the war!" said commadnoe man. "and to do that we must kill you" said the real blade man. Then pump man charges at the fake blade man and struck him with his sword! "my sword is from the future, just like me," said pump man, "how can that be?!" said fake blademan, and they locked there swords togehter.

Then solarman said "ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" and stabed fake blademabn with his knife. Then nitro man said, "your no match for figtrhers form the future!" and he bit blademan (the fake one) causing him to be poisoned. Then finally the real blademan took his sword and stabbed the fake balde man. He deid.

"WE DID IT!!!" said strike man who threw his baseball at fake bladems deadbody to make sure he was dead. "lets go stop the rest of the war mongers" said Comadone Man. So they came out of the trench and the Gild Gladiators said, "welcome back blademan! are THOSE the drastic measures?"

"No," said blade man. "they are my frends." "But WERE YOUR FRIENDS!!!" said shark man. "not anymore" said nitroman, who wraped around and strangled shark man. Shark man deid. "OH THE INHUMANITY" said the rest of the gila gladiatos, who got into a fight with Heaven's HAAAAAMMMMMAAAAAR and lost. They deid and were berried in the trench with fake blade man.

"they were worthy oponents" said Pumpman, "they are only the first!" said commadoe man.

I then asked, were are we? I quickely was answered that we were in Texas 3 years ago. It was all desert, just like our base back home, the Quote Pyramid. I mised home already, I 'm the kind of girl who likes to stay in here room making potions. I actually brought one with me in my wool, just in case we n eeded it since we hade no idea what was instore for us in the war. Hopefully it woudl come in handy, I thoughs.

SO we all folowed comando man as we went to destroy all the warmongers and prevent all the innocent people from dying in the war three years ago. "where should we go next" i asked. "this way" said strike man and I followed him, I was nervose. The gila gladitors were tough, and actually they were my freinds... wavegirl, a team verteran was always my idol and i fel really bad putting her in the ground like that. I hope shell still be alive in the furure... this is war, and I hate kiling frends! please oh please I hope we don't have to hurt anymore inosent people forced to fight!

The drastic measures were patroling the city. "we have to kill the gila galidatiors" said Turo Man. "because there on the opoistie side even thoug there are friends" said slash man. "maybe we should tema up!" said burst girl. "good idea!" said junk man. "no the robot police will shut us down" said sprit man. "Oh." said Shade man. "we haveto listen to them or they ll kill us" said freeze man, "they are watching are evermy move" said could man.

"hey its the darstic measures!" said Solar man. "the only people i don't feel like stabing." "lets team up" said sheep babe. "lkets do it!" said nitro man.

"im sorry but we cant," said a sad cloud man. "the police will kill us if we dont," said burstg irl. "ok i'm really sorry to do this" said pumpman who came it shade man with his sword. shademan being a nimble vampire, flew out of the way; however the sword scratched his paintjob. "MY BEAUTIFUL PAINT JOB!" he said as he fell to the ground. "YOU KILLED SHADE MAN, HES DED!" cried jumk man. "i only scartchs his paint job... said pump man."

"yeah but in the robot police hates us now since i strangled the president of norway," said burst firl. "they said theyd shut us down if we incured any damage no mater how mild. the paint job is too expensive to replace so they just found it easyer to shut shade man down." It was vert tragic... "they treat us like sicke animals," said trubo man, "mild injury, they put us to sleep."

"thats very sad..." said sheep babe, "i don'T know if I can continue fighting yuou any more!" "you hafta," said grimly Spring man, "or else will be shut down." So with reluctance sheep babe threw a Sheep Attack at spring man. "ah!" he said. "YOU KILLED SPRINGMAN!!!!!!!" screamed junk man. "actually im still alive," said spring man. "NOT ANYMORE YOUR NOT" junk man said as he slaughtered spring man.

I stared in shock. How coudl junk man kill his own teamate? Perhaps hes traumatized by the war. I know i am. I guess trama can do this kinds of things to a person... even a robot. A "emotionless" robot. I... guess thats the horor of war. I sat there and wondered if even the parking meter and the sidewalk beside me was tramatized too? Probably... i would of comforted them, but... i didn't know what to do at this point. I was so scared.

Freeze man speaked into his communitcator, "freeze man to base, junk man has gone maverick and killed his own team mate. You must shut him dow n before he gets even worse!" the operatoir on the other side of the line said, "are you saying that you want your own teameat dead?! DISGUSTING! i'm shutting you down maverick," and freezeman died. Just like that. I couldn't beliueve my eyes... and yet, I had to continue fighting. And before I knew it, Trubo man was also dead! I looked down and saw that his armor was dirty... god forbid the robo police had to clean it off!

"THE ROBO POLICE ARE DISUGUSTING!" i screamed, "we must kill them at once!" "we are the robot police," said could man. I was left with no choice, I had to fight them now. But before they could, I noticed Cloudman was shut down for jaywalking. What a criminal... they will die. THey;ll all die now!!!!!

Slash man got into a sword dool with pump man, and pump mans sword was too mighty for his claws. so his nails broke, and slashman too died. Strikeman's infared scanning googgles released a frequenmcy that was too strong for turbo man to handle, and he exploded. the police thought it would be better to selfdestruct him. "they can be fixed, right?" asked blade man. "we can but the police probaly wont fell like it, said burst girl.

it was truly a pateitc sight as the dm were shut down without any effort on hammars' part. "I'M THE ONLY ONE LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed junk man. "i'm still here," said burts girl. Junk man said "no your not, you got shout through the neck by a snipper joe!" robo police command heard that and said, "oh, she was? we didn't notice that, thanks for telling us," the operator said before shutting down burst firl. "now we donts have to waste resources repairing them now that there legally dead for all we care!"

"waht about junkman" asked sheep babe. "we cant kill him cause he's made out of junk. a robot zombie, in other words," said the policeman. "will have to do it ourselfs then!" said commandoman who shot a Commando Attack at Junkman. Then strikeman used his network of spies to gain information on junkmans weaknesses, which he used against him. Then solar man stabed him, nitroman strangled and bit him, blademan also stabbed, Sheep girl dumped here potion on him which caused him to melt, then the rest of them pummeled him violently. He was still alive, though. "its good we managed to save at least one of are frends," said solar man.

Then they all went to the police office. "OH NO!" said the chef of police, "now that we killed are own oficers, whos gonna protect us?!" "NO ONE, thats who!" said bald man Heavens HAMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAARRR then rampagted through the piolice station, killing everyone and everything in site.

"the evil ropot poolice are finally gone..." said sheep bbe. "surely the future will be a much nicer place now!" said blademan, as they all got back into there time machine and went home.