Honey i turned the kids into navis!!!

by Pandora (sheep babe)

Nitroman: I'm ssssurfing the intereweb.

Strike man: Is it pon?

Nitroman: no

Strike man: awwww

Nitroman: itsss a webssssite that sssuckss you into the interwub!

Strikeman: WHAT---*get's sucked into the computer*

Nitroman: hehehehehehehe

Blademan: You sneaky snake!!! what of you done with strike man?

Nitroman: I turned hij into navi.


Blademan: I HATE THAT STUPID FAIRY!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!! *charges into the computer and is also suckeed in*

Solatman: ME TOO ROOOOOOOOO *also sucked in*

*soon everyone is sucked it*

Commadoeman.EXE: team were here to kill that stupid fairy

Sheepbabe.EXE: but you need specisal equipment for slaying fairy's

Pumpman.EXE: lets go to wikipedia.org!

*they go there*

Sheepman.EXE: this is there article on fairys!

Bladnan,EXE: why are some words blue??

Sheepbabe.exe: It means you can click them! *clicks on and ends up in the article for "folklore"

Blademan: oh no! More text is blue here too! *clicks one of the blue words*

Solarman: hehehehe "oral history" is a funny word. So is "gesture!" *clocks it*

Pumpoman: look! Its' a picture of a man spining liek a helicopter! Maybe this is the tool we need to kile the strikeman fairy...

Solarman: NO ITS NOT *stabs pumpman* ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Pumpman: oh please uo always stab me; stab someone else for wonce.

Solarman: ok *stabs SStrike man* ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Strikeman: *deisd*

Commandoe man: ok now that thats our of the way; lets find a tool used for killing baseball fairies.

Sheepbabe.exe: hey look up there. ontop of the page! It says... "edit this page"

Blademan.exe: its blue so maybe wi can click in?! *does so*

Dommandoman.EXE: ........oh my god. Thisis the source text of the article. we can edit it to make it whatever we want!!!

Pumpman: OH MY GOD!!!!!! let me try *edits the gestrue article to say:

gestures are frogs that go woof oop op oop ooop oop oopoop

Solarman.exe: LOL! LET ME TRY *edits the Georfe Washington article to say

George washingong are frogs that go woof oop op oop ooop oop oopoop MOTHAFUCKA

Sheepbabe.EXE ooh! let me try one! *edits the edward article to say

Edward cullen are frogs that go woof oop op oop ooop oop oopoop and did a fusino dance with Trunks and became edward trunks and mary'd Sheep Babe

Then roomoo added

just kidding, pandora is stupid frogs that go woof oop op oop ooop oop oopoop

Pandora.exe: LOL! that so edescribes me. *cry's and laffs*

Solarman.exe: Hehehehehe

*and then the rest of the team edits every artifcle on wikiped to be frogs that go woof oop op oop ooop oop oopoop*

Heaven's HAAAAAAMMMMAAAAAAR.ExE: *laguing*

random navi: THERE THEY ARE!

random nacvi: their the ones whove been editing wikieped!

Sheepbabe.EXE: you can easily restore the articals youknow

random navi: BBOOOOO!!! do you have any ida whos feelings youve been hure?>!!!

random navi: you make a mockery of the world ly knowledge of hummens!

Comado Man: dude dont you have school and jobs and familys thater more importnat that a website?


Sheep Babe.EXE: its just a website, gosh you dons have to sake it so seriosuly! This isn't space!

random navi: this is more serious than stupid space!

Sheepbabe.EXE: BLASPHERY!!!!!!!! *goes to kill random navis*

Nitroman.EXE: Sheep, it isnts worth it! we can jusssst go home and forget about it.;

Strikeman.EXE: yeah, afterall its just the internet our lifes shouldnt revolve around it.

Sheepbabe. EXE: OKAY! *they all go home*

Comadoman: I think we lurned something today.

Soalrman: yes we did.

Nitroman: uh huh

Blademan the moreal of the story is, that until all the fairy's on the internet are dead, we are HEAVEN'S HAAAAAMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRR!!!